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What is 打点



I was listening to an audio lesson and the above sentence is somehow translated as:

"This is not hard to do, but you'll need to spend some money as a bribe."

I don't see where "bribe" is involved in the chinese sentence. I think it has to do with 打点, but it's translation is "ready". Could you please shed some lights on this sentence for me? Thanks in advance

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    well, generally speaking, ¨打点"means"用钱来疏通关系¨,it's the meaning in english , it can be comprehended by" greasing the wheels by using something like money". hopo that will be helpful to u

    in your context, bride . bride people to help you with sth
    and a second meaning: tidy, organize eg: 他打点完房间就出门去了
    he went out after he had his room tidied. (但是这个意思用得不多)

    hope it helps and have a nice day :)


    have to pay cash to bribe somebody to get things fixed

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