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How would you interpret “spoiled” in the context?


THEN IT WAS spring again in all the spoiled cities of America. The dark thaw of winter fumbled toward its end and passed. I smelled it reeking through my window during that seventh April of the war, the third and last of my confinement. My life had become as ordinary as I could have hoped for. I was happy. The prison was only tier II, for convicts serving terms of five years or less, a Regional Confinement Facility, which all the Joes called “adult day care.” It made me laugh.

How would you interpret “spoiled” in the first sentence?

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By the way, how would you explain ‘tier II" in "The prison was only tier II"?

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    I assume the meaning "spoiled" here is from the writer perspective and means the people living in American cities are spoiled and have an easy life. I wouldn't think this was a factual statement, but seems it is written from a prisoners viewpoint and his/ her circumstance may reflect a bitter outlook
    It could also refer to some sort of devastation from the war that is mentioned in the text. Writing like this is a little heavy on metaphors so knowledge of the context is important for understanding all the pretty phrases.

    "Tier 2" means a second level prison. "Tier 1" would be maximum security. That's why they describe the prison terms in this level prison as 5 years of less.

    Springs comes just after Winter so the author is resembling snowfall of Winter as spoiling the cities as it brings many things to a halt (like vegetation).
    Tier II: Author is telling that the prison is divided into tires which are defined on the basis of sentance terms duration in particular 'terms of five years or less' fall in Tier II.

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