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Before we start the lesson, I’d like to ____ what we did yesterday.

A. run up
B. run through
C. run along
D. run into

Note: Usually I’d say “go over/go through.” Is the answer B? If so, is it a common expression?

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    the answer is "Run through", plz check the differency:
    Run Up:
    1) (of a bowler in cricket, an athlete, etc) running in order to gain speed before releasing the ball, jumping, etc,
    2) distance run in this way;

    Run Through:
    1) review or summary (of sth) : Could we have a run-through of the main points discussed?
    2) rehearsal or practice :There will be a run-through of the whole play tonight.

    Run Along:
    1) to leave; go on one's way:
    I have to run along now, but I'll see you tonight.
    Run along—can't you see I'm busy?

    RUn Into:
    1)to collide with or cause to collide with; her car ran into a tree
    2) to encounter unexpectedly, to meet someone by accidently
    3) to be beset by or cause to be beset by: the project ran into financial difficulties

    Hope you can know the words more clear

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