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is my sentence clear?

XX is developed from the real estate company established in 1991, and now it has already become a comprehensive group with over 1000 employees.

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    This isn't a bad sentence at all. It seems complete. I just have a couple recommendations.

    1) Without knowing what "xx" is, this sentence is really difficult to review. That's the critical noun in the sentence that is being discussed, and without knowing what kind of noun it is, we can't check the accuracy of your word choice, or the flow of the sentence. I assume it's some sort of off-shoot company from the mentioned real estate company, but making assumptions isn't safe in grammar.

    2) I'm not sure what you mean by "comprehensive group" since you follow that up with the number of employees it has. Comprehensive implies "all encompassing," basically.

    So, if you were to say: " has already become a comprehensive group, offering a large range of services and products in their industry"--- that would make sense in terms of comprehensive.

    You want to use a word there that conveys the meaning of a large, or well-established, or well-developed company if you are going to use the total employees. Otherwise, you could include more phrases after the total employees that make comprehensive make more contextual sense.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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