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"You had better bring some money with you."Why we use "had" but not "have"?

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    'Had better' expresses advice and means 'would find it wiser or more suitable'.
    E.g.: You had better go now (=it would be good, wise or suitable for you to go now).

    Synonyms: ought to do something / should do something.
    Note 1: - The contracted form ‘d is very common.
    Note 2: - The negative form 'hadn't better' is used mainly in questions: Hadn't we better try again later?

    'Had' is sometimes dropped in very informal speech.
    E. g. : You better go now.
    I better try again later.


    Past subjunctive form, basically.

    However, you need to also realise that "had better" and "had best" function like modal verbs, so "had better + bring" is the correct grammar structure.

    Keep in mind, a better way to say this is SHOULD instead of HAD BETTER.

    Also, please remember that sometimes "had better" is very STRONG: "You had better stop saying bad things about my sister, or I am going to beat you up."

    Since you are a learner, it might be a good idea not to use it until you know more English.

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