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WHO can give me a hand,please ?

It's a article named Temporal changes in diet:a stable isotope analysis of late Iron Age and Roman
Dorset,Britain. My teacher asked me to make a speech in front of my class,but it's really hard for me.
I've tried to translate it into chinese,which ended in failure because of my english and poor sense of science.I would be
extremely grateful for your help! It's also my pleasure to help you with your chinese problems.

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    OK the title is quite simple. Temporal refers to time,so Temporal changes of diet means "How have peoples diets changed over time." An isotope is a form of chemical, Given that it is talking about diets, the isotopes they are talking about, were probably found in some human remains.. Dorset is a very pretty place in south-west England. So the title of the this article is....

    The way peoples diets have changed over time: An analysis of isotopes found in human remains; in Dorset, England.

    I hope this is of some help, if you would like me to look at the full article for you please send it to my E-mail address

    I am not sure I understand what your question is. I think you are trying to say that you have to write a speech about how people's diets changed during the Roman Empire? If so, then I am unsure why you used the word ISOTOPE.

    Am I right so far?


    u have to put that article under English, so that native speakers could get this.

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