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to get over


"I already got over him/her"
meaning "we broke up, but I'm ok now, I don't think of that person anymore"

In some language "to get over" is just translated as "to forget". Do you have a precise translation in Russian for it, or do you also say "i forgot" that person?

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    The focus in the Russian language is not on the person, but on the problem or feeling they caused. We do not see the person as a synonym of a problem. So, you can get over smth, not sb. Like "пережить", "прийти в себя после", "справиться", "оправиться", "разделаться". There is also a very nice saying "с глаз долой, из сердца вон" (literally, "out of sight, out of the heart").
    I can't think of a precise translation. I think we tend say that we don't care anymore. Меня он/она больше не волнует.

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