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为什么“我中午睡一个觉”听起来不太准确? 但是我可以说“我睡了一个好觉”?

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    In Chinese, if you want to say "I ate one apple", you should say 我吃了个苹果, that is very native. Of course,"我吃了一个苹果" is OK, but not so native.
    Because "one" can be omitted, if it is only one, such as,
    我洗了件衣服, only one piece of clothing;
    吃个梨,one pear
    跳个舞, one dance
    but by saying sleep, there are many ways.
    first, 我睡了一觉 , that means I slept a short time, maybe ten or twenty minutes, or half an hour.
    second, 我睡了个觉,when you say this, you are just trying to state the reality that you slept, the time is not what you are laying stress on, it can be long or short.
    besides, if you want to say "I slept well", you say 我睡了个美觉 or 我睡了个好觉,they are all OK.
    no worry, just remember it, it is about traditions in Chinese, just like in English.




    或許中國內地人不這麼說, 但是我可以肯定如果你住在台灣, 你會有機會聽到人們這麼說. (我個人不覺得這句話有什麼不對~~地域性的語法差異)

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