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get up

if someone ask you to get up,but he doesn't mean get up from the bed,what does he really mean?is that a slang?i just can't find the right meaning in the dictionary>_<

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    It is a slang term. To "get up" with someone is another way of saying I'll see you/talk to you later.

    For instance if you told a friend that you were hanging out with that you need to leave to go study they might reply, " Ok, get up with me later." Meaning you should call them/contact them when you are finished studying.

    It may also mean " to stand up on feet "

    Wow, Nique, I didn't even know that meaning! I think it can depend on where your friend is from; in British English, my native language, it means to me to stand up or move. For example, if you are sat in a chair, you can be told to get up, so you are standing or moving around. As a slang noun, it can also refer to clothing; for example "you should see her in that get-up" but it has negative connotations.

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