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ne demek?

ben: iyiyim sagol universiteden mezun oldum
teyze: tebrikler bebek bekliyoruz bize

does this mean
"congratulations sweetie, we're waiting for YOU"
"congratulations, we're expecting a baby"?

I mean, I would ask my teyze herself, but that could be a damn awkward conversation.

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    if only she had used a punctuation mark, we wouldnt be dealing with this chaos here :)

    "tebrikler. bebek bekliyoruz biz de" = Conratulations! And we r expecting a baby
    "tebrikler bebek. bekliyoruz bize" = Conratulations, baby! We r expecting to accomodate you here

    if she didnt make any spelling mistakes, she cant mean that they are expecting a baby. It must be that you are baby and they are expecting you to go them since you are done with school now, it makes more sense.

    Understood now, baby? :)

    PS. We have a proverb in Turkish about that situation. "Delinin biri kuyuya bir taş atmış, 40 akıllı çıkaramamış"

    "Congratulations sweetie, we're waiting for you" cumlesi dogru bir ceviridir. Konusmanin akisina gore teyzenizin "universiteden mezun oldum" cumlesinden hemen sonra bebek bekliyoruz demesi mantikli olmaz.
    Bebek kelimesi burada sizi nitelemek icin kullanilmistir. Yani teyzeniz sizi bir bebek gibi goruyor.

    Umarim aciklayici olmustur.

    It is not easy to make comment without full text. But this converstaion is definetely not correct. The reason is very simple even thinking in english or in any other language;
    teyze = aunt (or used as a respectful nomination for a little older ladies)

    baby = formally means baby as everybody knows. Informally = babe (slang)

    People who are called as Teyze (aunt) never says babe to people. In the best case she says "my baby" or "bebeğim" in Turkish. But in text we see only "bebek" not "bebeğim"

    If you consider anyhow she wanted to say "we are waiting baby" than she should say "biz bebek bekliyoruz" but in this case "tebrikler (congratulations)" does not have any relation with sentence

    As a result: Text is wrong

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