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What ونعم الله means?

And when do you usually use it?

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    Hello Keyshia! :)

    The word "ونعم والله" is not very familiar in Egypt, but it is a very widely used in the Gulf Region. Our brothers from Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman they may use it in the following way:

    If I would ask "what is your name?"
    You would answer by saying "Keyshia"
    I would answer back by saying "wal ne'em wallah or "ونعم والله"

    This basically means "I am honoured to meet you or know you". But it literally means; The blessings of Allah to you.

    Regarding your sentence that you have written in your comment:
    أبا أتكل بالله ونعمٍ بالله .. .. اللي ما يوصد دون خلقه بابه

    This means: I want to depend on Allah, and I trust or believe in Allah - أبا أتكل بالله ونعمٍ بالله
    Here - wene'em bellah is different in this context, it means I believe in Allah.

    The other part of the sentence, I am not really sure what it really means - but I guess this may mean that "nothing will bring tranquility upon his people but his door of mercy." - اللي ما يوصد دون خلقه بابه.

    I am sorry about the last part, for am not really sure if the meaning is correct or not, but I believe it is a phrase that is widely used in the Gulf, and definitely a person from the Gulf will explain much better than I did.

    Nevertheless, I hope at least you did understand the meaning of "ونعم والله" "ونعم بالله ".

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