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ماشىنا - Uighur translation of a few words about car...

How do you say the following words in Uighur?? They are parts of a car.
Please write your comment by Arabic Uighur letters.

sun roof
outside mirror (there are 2 mirrors on the sides of the car)
windshield wiper
licence plate
indicator light (they have orange color and show the direction of turning)
front fender
hub cap
quarter window
back fender
tail light


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Base language: Uyghur
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    May be some translations aren't very standard ,
    roof ئۈستى
    sun roof تۈڭلۈك
    outside mirror ئارقىنى كۆرۈش ئەينىكى
    windshield wiper سۇ قىرغۇچ
    hood سايىۋەن
    indicator lightبەلگە چىراغ
    front fender قوغداش تاختىيى
    bumperتەۋرىنىش سۈمۈرگۈچ
    licence plateنومۇر
    hub cap بۇ قاپقىقى
    back fender ئارقا غوغدىغۇچ
    tail lightئارقا چىراغ
    trunk يۈك تاق ساندۇقى

    thats ok,dou you understand uyghur language

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