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"ça" ou "il"

I´m taking an audio French course made by a non native, and I´m having a doubt.
He keeps using "ça" as "it". Some times it sounds right, but some others it doesn´t.
Years ago (so many... I feel old) I took a year of French in school, and I remember using "il".

An example that is bugging me right now is "Ça prend trop de temps comme ça" ("It is taking too much time that way")

When would you use each? Is it different in Québécois and France French?

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    En fait on va dire dans l'autre sens, pour une personne on utilise il ou elle. Ce qui laisse il ça ou cela pour beaucoup de choses. Il pleut. Il est trois heures. Cela fait du bruit.
    Dans ce dernier cas si on dit il, on va penser à une personne qui fait du bruit.

    Donc on utilise il en traduction de it pour tous les verbes ou la confusion n'est pas possible.
    Tu remplaces par pierre et si la phrase a encore un sens tu mets çà, sinon tu met il.

    "Ça" corresponds to "it". :)

    "Ça prend trop de temps comme ça" it's well said, it means "It takes too much time like this".
    That is to say: "it takes too much time when it is done this way".

    (It can sometimes seem a little familiar with cons.)

    "il" is used for a person, while "ça" is used for an object or a fact

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