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When should I use katana and hiragana alphabets?

I see some news and sites in Japanese and try to read it, but I notice that sometimes they used hiragana あ and sometimes they used ア instead in katakana. I don't know how is the correct way to use hiragana and katakana in a sentence? Thanks

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    You will use Hiragana for most words(along with Kanji)
    Hiragana will be used along with kanji for most words that are not borrowed or "foreign" words in japanese.

    Katakana is used for Borrowed, or foreign words. Words like ペン, or ホットドーグ, but never as particles or verbs ect. You will almost always see it used for names for foreigners, and almost anything not japanese.

    Hiragana is mainly used for grammatical purpose, also used to replace some kanji for beginners, katakana is used for loan words from foreign languages such as English or French, hope this helps

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