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how to use ผูกมัด & ผูกพันธ์ & ผูกพัน ?

this is my understanding
ผูกมัด:to bind, to tie
ผูกพันธ์:to tie, to connected? (i don't know)
ผูกพัน:have one's heart (does it mean fall in love with someone or a certain romantic relationship between lovers?) for example this sentense:ฉันคงมั่นผูกพันไป (spoken between lovers),what's the accurate meaning?

I'm not sure if these 3 words, do they have some connections in meanings?
I'm so confused, especially ผูกพัน, how should I use them?

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    ผูก = to tie
    มัด = to bind
    ผูกมัด = to bond

    first of all, a word 'ผูกพันธ์' doesn't exist (it's a commonly misspelled word). instead, it's 'ผูกพัน' that means : to be bonded to someone by deep relationship between lover or friend, have a strong feeling to someone due to deep relationship, times they've spent together, etc.

    also, the example sentence you've given here is quite odd due to they're old compound words and it's quite old way of saying that's not normally used in spoken language nowadays. (it's tended to be a poem language)

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