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Why does this use 겠어요?

왜 그런지 모르겠어요. (I dont know why)
이제 공부해야겠어요 (I will study)
As opposed to.. 공보할게요
And 왜 그런지 몰라요

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    Well, from experience, the pattern 지 모르겠어 is used more often. It sounds more natural, too.

    왜 그런지 모르겠어요 = I don't know why it's like that
    I think the -겠 gives a sense that you've thought about the situation, but you still don't know why something is the way it is in this case. Whereas, 몰라 is simply "I don't know".

    As for 이제 공부해야겠어요, "해야겠다" is a set grammatical pattern. So, just remember it as 해야겠어 ^^. 이제 공부해야겠어요 actually translates to "I should probably study"/"I have to study", and 공부할게요 is "I'm going to study". This gives a sense that you don't necessarily HAVE to study, but you're simply just going to study.

    I hope this helps! ^-^

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