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Anybody knows if in the USA there are more than one resume format according to the different jobs?

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    Typically, this is not the case. However, there is more than one way to format a resume. Most of the formatting choices are based on your preferences though, rather than the job that you want. However, there are some key things every resume should have in them, and probably in this order:

    *Objectives statement (something short that details what goals you hope to achieve using this particular job-- typically long term goals since employers don't want an employee who will just quit in a year!)

    *Education (high school graduate info, college/university attendance information if you went)

    *Work experience (company you worked for, how long, your title, your supervisor's name, your job duties)

    *Accolades or awards/recognition that relate to the job you are applying for (I always list the awards I got in university for high academic honors)

    *Reference list (supervisor name, position, phone number, email)

    Hope that helps!

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