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what does "passage" mean?

Emergencies were guided by a broad red stripe in the center of the floor which swung left, then right down a long hall, to a wide single door in the right-hand wall bearing the meaningless digit "5." Inside 5, after a short break, the red stripe was replaced by a green one. This was the surgical subdivision of Major Medicine. White sheeting hung on either side, partitioning booths. A final left, and they were in a passage scarcely wider than the rear of the Lincoln. To their left was Trauma Room No. 2. John Connally was inside, groaning. Nellie stood silently in the doorway, her face swollen, her eyes averted. The President was wheeled right, into No. 1. An arm seized Jackie, and there, on the threshold, she relaxed her grip on Clint's coat and stepped back. Her hopeless vigil had begun.]

does "passage" mean "partitioned booths"?

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    No. Partitioning is a verb there; it's similar to "to separate"; the white sheets were separating booths.

    The passage is what the people arrived in. A passage is any sort of area that allows movement through a place. If you've got a large mountain and someone drilled a tunnel through it, that tunnel is a passage. A road going through a thick forest is a passage. A series of small openings allowing you to push through a crowd is a passage.

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