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A question about JPT N4 level... Please help ~

Here is a question


1.で 2.を 3.に 4.も

I checked the answer is 4....Why ?

In my understanding , the English translation should be "This person sang the same song ten times."
も means also in English... I can't understand why the answer is も instead of で .
Anyone can help ? Thank you in advance.

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    で, を and に are incorrect in this context. That's why I just have to choose も..

    I can't explain all of the functions of で but one is to describe a place where something (sing a song) is performed.
    私は同じ歌を学校で歌いました。 学校(で) is a place.
    私は同じ歌を公園で歌いました。  公園(で) is a place.

    も not only means 'also' but is used to emphasize certain words. Your も emphasizes the number of times that person sang. I suppose the writer gets either surprised in a good way, or tired of listening to that person(= complaining), at least, the writer has some sort of emotional feeling about that person or the number of times.

    Since it's just an emphasis, without も, the sentence still remains correct as a sentence.

    These も emphasize the length of time, distance and period of time etc.

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