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What does "rail back and kick it" mean in the extract below?

JENNA: I picked up dinner. Tacos. I had an urge for guacamole.
JEREMY: No, I'm good, thanks.
JENNA: Eat anyway. It's a ruse. I want to talk.
[Jeremy starts to leave.]
JENNA: Hey, you! Come. Sit. Back in school, freshman year, I could eat my weight in nachos, with extra cheese. It was my munchie food whenever I got stoned.
JEREMY: You get high?
JENNA: Did. Past tense. But, yeah. Loved it. Anything to get a little distraction from life. . .reality. And it worked. For a while. Never lasts, though. Hey, I'm not saying I wouldn't love to rail back and kick it, but with a thesis looming and a waistline expanding. . .
[Jeremy gets up and leaves when Jenna isn't looking. Jenna notices and she sighs.]

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    In this context, I would say "rail back and kick it" means "sit back and relax" (and probably smoke some pot).

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