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Correct and сomplete my gaps, please

I make titles for this video , but I have a lot of mistakes and gaps, help me please to correct me.

So, Dad.
How is your work?
Work is good.
I think you had came at age now where you should know about life, you know, you know
Supposably flowers, right, and a hummingbird... and it's a hot dog in a ***
and if you put a hot dog in a...
I think I got this think
You sure?

when we ***?
We get there, when we get there!
*** so long
I'm hungry
aa Haw you see my ***, it would be for that
What are you doing?
Nothing, I'll be some
Ou it is such *** of my ***
I'm sorry, you don't talk to me anymore
That is my *** the privete ***, she cann't be *** enough

Did you finish your expense report
You know you have that big meeting tomorrow?
*** this level
Don't *** me, go to you office now!

It my turn now
It is always you turn, when I've got a turn?
Stop it
No it...
*** off! *** go home!

Сontinuation in comments

Additional Details:

*** pick up your mom
Mom! Your date is here

My precious daddy napping..
So cute!!

*** wiiin! I win!
What it on your wrist?
*** tattoo
Just a tattoo
All the other kids is more cool than you are
I don't care!
It is my money
Go upstairs, right now!
Fine, I hate you! Why *** college all right
Don't you *** use just tone with me!

Hey body, where you *** up?
I just *** now
Ok, where you *** after bad?
Aaaa, some ***

Hey, ***
I was wondering, if I could go to a concert tonight
Who is going?
Ouuu, it just can a be five *** girls
Any boys?
*** sure?
What is the band called?
What the ***?
It is... it is Radiohead
It might be dangerous, you still not going

Ou, *** for that, are you guys wathing? *** join?

Additional Details:

How is your day today mom?
What about you dad?

Hey, body
Hey, can I go to concert tonight?
did you asked your daughter?
Yeah, she said it *** ok
Have fun

*** my mom when she was pregnant, she *** come of there

I was, just can go out
You *** let me go out!
What is wrong *** wearing? All moms wear this!
I'll be home before last call, ok?

As I said, It's a good story, and I have a good time for telling it
Wait, so even after all saff he still got to be president?
It time to *** bad
*** again?
Good night, dad!

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