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in vietnamese language, when do i use "co" ?

for example:

tôi 25 tuoi
nhung : gia dinh cua tôi co 5 nguoi.
(sorry, i don't put accents)

so, sometimes we put co and sometimes we don't put co

An other question: how can i improve my vietnamese language (in particular vocabulary)?
do you know good websites for it?

I would like to learn vietnamese by songs (do you some good songs not too difficult to understand because i miss vocabulary) maybe children's songs

thanks for your help

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    Use "có" for
    1/ có = to have
    Ex: Gia đình tôi có 5 người (My family has 5 members)
    Tôi có một quyển sách tuyệt vời (I have a wonderful book)
    2/ có = there is/ there are
    Ex: Có rất nhiều học sinh trong lớp tôi thích tiếng Anh (there are many students in my class, who like English)
    Trong khu vườn kia có những bông hoa xinh đẹp (In that garden, there are beautiful flowers)
    Take a look at your example

    1/ Tôi 25 tuổi = Tôi (thì/ là) 25 tuổi (I am 25 years old)
    Note: In Vietnamese, when the structure "to be+ adj" is used, the verb "to be" is usually suppressed
    Ex: Áo dài rất đẹp = Áo dài (thì/là) rất đẹp (Ao dai is beautiful)
    Cô ấy cao hơn tôi = Cô ấy (thì) cao hơn tôi (she is taller than me)

    Songs are recommended: Trái đất này là của chúng mình (This Earth is ours), Bụi phấn, Bông hồng tặng cô, con cò bé bé, lớp chúng ta đoàn kết, tia nắng hạt mưa, 4 phương trời, chú voi con ở Bản Đôn, thầy cô cho em mùa xuân,....

    I am a Vietnamese and I am living in Vietnam now. I just want to answer your question about good websites to learn Vietnamese. If you want to learn to speak Vietnamese, why don't you try signing up on this website:
    There are a lot of conversational Vietnamese courses on this website. I think the Vocabulary Web on this website can help you improve your vocabulary size. Let's try enrolling for the free course to experience this vocabulary function. Good luck!

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