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A little help with one sentence?

Quite a long sentence here, kinda artistic and I wonder if it is grammatically correct. Do you think it can be modified to sound better? :) Thanks!

Lorence was at the whole other end of the spectrum; he was shy, quiet, mysterious, kind, delicate, all pale, all faded beige of the hundred million books he buried himself in, all sterling silver of scars, tarnished golds of eyes, all shades of amber and russet and auburn of tea-stains and melted chocolate, with tiny little creases in the places where he frowned and smiled and with a grin that could make the stars lightheaded.

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    You have painted a beautiful picture! Here are some suggestions:

    Lorence was squarely/decidedly at the other end of the spectrum. He was shy, quiet, mysterious, kind, and delicate. His skin was pale, taking on the faded beige of the mountain of books in which he buried himself. His eyes shone like gold, and his scars crusted over in fainted shades of tarnished silver. His [hair] (what is amber and russet? we need a noun here) was tinged with shades of amber, russet, and the auburn of tea stains and melted chocolate. Tiny creases appeared between his brows when he frowned, or when he smiled with a grin that could make the stars blush and twinkle on a moonless night.


    It's very well written, grammatically correct, poetic, and the style is interesting.

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