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What's the difference between возвратить & вернуть?


In my book of verbs both возвратить & вернуть are listed as meaning "to return" in the perfective aspect. There is no indication, as far as I can tell, as to what the difference is between these two verbs. Can anyone enlighten me?

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    There is no difference. "Вернуть" is said probably more often.

    Ввозвратить is old and maybe more poetic verb , вернуть is more often used. Both verbs mean the same .

    Absolutely the same thing - the full synonyms.
    вернуть происходит от вертеть, возвращать - от вращать, что практически одно и тоже.

    Смысл один и тодже только возвратить реже используют

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