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what does "with a peculiar" mean? is that "dark little man" Ken O'Donnell?

Grief has no single shape. Some men—among them the most deeply affected—weep within. Ken O'Donnell was of these. He had the appearance of a deaf mute. Next to Jacqueline Kennedy, perhaps, he bore the deepest scars there, and his response was total withdrawal. Never voluble, he had now become catatonic; he wandered from the trauma area to the nurse's station and back again, a dark little man with a peculiar, hammered look. Questions were put to him. He didn't reply, but no one thought that remarkable; he had always been terse. Enmeshed in their own distress, they didn't grasp the profound change in him. O'Donnell had been the most dependable of Kennedy's squires. Now that he had lost his knight he was bereft and helpless.

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    The expression on his face was peculiar, or strange. Yes, the dark, little man is O'Donnell.

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