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Arabic plural

In Arabic plurals if Hanafi becomes Ahnaaf, Sha'aafi becomes Shawafeh, and Hanbali is Hanabila, then what becomes of Maaliki? Best answers from India ? ! Moreover if Aalim's plural is Ulama then what is "Allama"? Is there a dictionary devoted to only plurals in Arabic? or is being written and available soon?

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    Words in arabic doesn't have a corresponding plural for the specific word form (although there are more/less common plurals for certain forms) so when you learn a new word you always have to look up that specific plural form.
    But plurals for, for example, participals and verbal nouns usually are the same.
    But to be on the safe side, always look up the plural! :)

    I am not a native arabic speaker so please correct me if I'm wrong about this!

    The plural for:

    Maaliki: Maalika
    Allama: Allamaat.

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