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Translation of a sentence.

Hello everyone,

I have a sentence, but I don't understand it completely. I shall give the sentence with some context:

1) watashiha niyuuyooku kara kimashita
2) watashi mo mae niyuuyooku ni imashita
3) niyuuyooku ha dou desu ka, suki desu ka?

Can someone help me with translating the second sentence?

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    1. I'm from NY.
    2. I have stayed in NY as well.
    3. How was it? Do you like it?

    Person A come from NY and person B were there before.
    Watashi mo=me too. So am(do) I.
    Mae=before. You don't know when.
    Imashita=have an experience of staying or living. You don't know how long. You can ask him "how long", then if he answered about 6 months, maybe "stay" should be fit the sentence. But if his answer was for some years, "live" should be fit it.

    2) I lived in NY before, too.

    Keep practicing!

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