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Speed humps VS speed bumps ???

Hello all :D ,,, just wondering if there is a difference between the two words ???

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    They both mean a rounded area however bump is used more often then hump.
    While you would be understood if you said "speed hump" in the US the correct term is "speed bump".

    Speed bump means

    1. a literal bump in the road. Usually in parking lots to slow down cars.

    2. You can use it as a metaphor for an event in life that was unexpected and is slowing things down. usually you are implying that the event is not a big deal.

    ex. "I was almost done with my paper when I realized I needed one more page. It's okay. It's only a speed bump"
    ex. "Not having enough nails is a small speed bump. I can quickly run to the store."

    The proper term is "speed bumps". Nobody uses humps in this case.

    As for a general difference between the word "hump" and the word "bump", while they are both raised parts of an otherwise-flat area, a hump is typically associated with an animal body and implies some sort of permanent deformation or structural feature (like camel humps or a human hump back), while a bump is typically something that's either on an inanimate object or a temporary feature on an animal (like goosebumps, a bump on the head, or a bump in the road).


    I had a proper check - a speed hump is much wider (wide enough to include a pedestrian crossing sometimes) than a speed bump. These are often used in residential areas for traffic calming.

    Speed bumps are much more common, but are not very thick.

    A quick image search will show the difference very clearly.

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