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At what age do Japanese children learn to read and write Kanji?

It seems so impossible DX

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    WE start learning Hiragana and Katakana in kindergarten (age 3-5), and start learning Kanji in elementary school (age 6-12). In elementary school, we learn about 1006 basic Kanji. They say we neet to read and write about 3000 Kanji to live in Japan without any problem in general.


    Just adding to Yuri-san's answer...

    I'd say you need to read, write, and understand about 2000.
    That's what you need to pass JLPT level 1.
    Also, Kanji Kentei(Kanji test intended for Japanese) level 2, which is barely good enough for business, requires 2136 kanji that we are supposed to have learned when finishing high school (age18).

    After that, you don't really need to be able to accurately hand-write all.
    Native Japanese speakers, too, make mistakes, forget, look up when actually writing, even though we kept studied up to high school. (Just like English speakers make mistakes on spelling.)
    In most cases, we can use computer or cell phone to write. Being able to read, or at least knowing the meaning, is more important.

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