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Is this phrase correct?

" どこはあなたの心ですか?"

I'm trying to say "Where is your heart?"

Does this make sense grammatically? Also does this have the same meaning as it does in English?

please and thanks! ^_^

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    Sorry, doesn't make sense.

    Maybe you should write : あなたの心はどこですか or あなたの心はどこにありますか
    どこにあなたの心はありますか etc
    Perfect translation is hard but my word order must be correct.
    If the heart means the organ in the chest, it called 心臓. If it means feelings, it's 心


    What do you mean in English?
    If you mean "You have no heart." by saying "Where is your heart?",
    「あなたの心はどこですか etc. 」may not be enough.

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