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How to fill a silence?

Sometimes I get asked questions in Turkish, it takes me like 10 seconds to form an answer... and in the meantime, I get quiet and just say "uh.." and that's awkward. Can you please provide me with any and every silence-filler that you can think of for Turkish?

Put yourself into the scenario, imagine I asked you a question that you don't know how to answer immediately. What could you say?

eg. 'Well, I'm not sure how to answer that...'
'Hmm, let me think...'
'I think that...'
'You could say that..'

Things like this will be great, and I'm looking for as many possibilities as possible :)

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    It changes for every condition so it is hard to recommend certain stuffs but u can use these
    Ne desem bilmem ki (i am not sure how to answer)
    Düşünüyordum da ( i think that)
    Bi düşüneyim/ Bi bakalım (let me think)

    Wait for other suggests..

    Havalar da pek sıcak/soğuk.

    hmm cok guzel bir soru...

    Oncellikle boyle bir soru sordugun icin tesekkur ederim...

    to have more time to answer the question.

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