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Words with the same meaning: 너무/아주/참/매우/굉장히/엄청/진짜/정말/많이/완전/몹시/전혀/무조건

When I read them in korean sentences, i can understand what they mean but when i actually make the sentences myself, i am confused which one should i use. i normally just use 진짜 so i can express like 진짜 너무 귀엽다 as "You are so legitly cute" or something. This has always been a problem to me. I can understand Korean when i read/sometimes hear them but when i speak or write it myself, there are some terms i do not know what to use as there are so many words that mean the same.

My problem is WHEN AND HOW to use each word and on WHAT KIND OF SITUATION to use them.

너무, 아주, 참, 매우, 굉장히, 엄청, 진짜, 정말, 많이, 완전

PS: especially 굉장히 as i hear korean all the time use this. and i always ask myself, why use 굉장히 why not 너무 or 완전 or this and that. So this is how my problem starts ><

And most especially:

몹시, 전혀, 무조건

If someone could explain please :(

한국어로 설명해도 되는것같습니다^^

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