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is the word for enthusiastic مُتَحَمَّس or مُتَحَمّـِس ???

my dictionary says مُتَحَمَّس but I have heard people pronounce it مُتَحَمّـِس with kasrah under the meem.

which one is correct to the meaning of "enthusiastic"

like wise for the word "bored" is it مُتَضَجَّر or مُتَضَجّـِر

please clarify , are Arabic dictionaries always accurate with shakl ???

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    مُتَحَمَّس : this is the correct word for it.

    The other word is usually the dialect of many Arab people. For example, I am from Egypt and we pronounce it - motahamis.

    The one found in dictionaries is the "Al Fus-ha" way, and is the very accurate way to say it. Yet, when you speak to Arabs with many different dialects - you may pronounce it in the second way.

    Hope this clarified your point.

    مُتَحَمِّس بالكسرة هي الأصح في اللغة العربية الفصحى وأغلب اللهجات العربية

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