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What does 울 or 울 들어 mean?

I'm using Anki to learn and review Korean words (it's sort of a flash card application). I downloaded this card pack some one else has made and now I'm translating the English words to Finnish. While I translate, I also check if the original creator has been right when s/he translated the Korean words and phrases into English.

Now I've run into a strange word. It's 울 (들어) and the original creator of the pack has translated it into English as "this year". I find the translation weird, I've tried to look many dictionaries and googled the phrase, but I can't find any meaning to that. So, please help me, what does 울 (들어) mean (if anything)?

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    울 means Cry and I think 울 들어 means Shed tears. Hmm.. I'm not 100% sure! XD

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