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does "private ordeal" mean "now, it is the hour of torture for David?"

This was the hour of David Brinkley's private ordeal. With every teletype hammering out history, the monitor in his office was continuing to present a fashion show. The manager of NBC's Washington affiliate was out to lunch. No one knew where he was, or would assume responsibility for bouncing the models. In New York Chet Huntley had scuttled "Bachelor Father," WNBC-TV's marshmallow, but Brinkley's hands were tied, and when he finally reached the air he was in a state of what another NBC newscaster described as "controlled panic." British television approached the news more soberly, regularly interrupting programs to announce the shocking news, but not immediately giving the mass of detail that was to follow.

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    I would say it was just a period of mental anguish because he had a duty as a broadcaster to inform the public of vital news, but he did not have the authority to interrupt the normal broadcast, so he was forced to wait until they could find someone with authority to do so.

    An ordeal is a long, painful experience. Private means that no one else knows the difficult emotions he is experiencing. Brinkly has to broadcast the news and remain calm even though he is very upset about what has happened.

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