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Soccer terms in Brazil

To all of you Brazilian soccer fans out there...all of my friends on Facebook who are fans of Corinthians are thrilled of course and they are all writing "chupa" along with pictures of their team. I am jsut wondering what this word means and whether it is a verb or noun...can it be used in different contexts?

Com respeito ao futebol, o que significa a palavra "chupa"? Como/Quando vc usa? somente sobre futebol?


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    É uma gíria(slang) que expressa que as pessoas deveriam aceitar a vitória ou o feito deles.

    Não é usado apenas em futebol é muito usado em várias situações informais. Mas deve-se tomar cuidado para não soar como insulto.

    Good Night! A palavra chupa se deriva do verbo chupar. Este termo é usado no contexto do futebol como uma provocação a times adversários quando perdem. Usos gerais:

    Ela chupou um sorvete de morango;
    Ele prefere chupar pirulito de chocolate.


    It's a kind of joking for another time. When you say: chupa. You wanna say that other time must be accept the failed.

    Hello there,
    If I were you I would put off this word, because it is really really informal
    and the context you mentioned it is out of the original meaning of the word, used only to talk about soccer in a agressive and provoking way, cos of this I think you should forget this word for now. "Chupar" means literally "suck" in the ordinary usage. Skype: namoral2112. We can practice there if you want. Bye

    Corinthians it's the best soccer team on Brasil at the moment !.
    Go ahead on this way, i like your tastes about soccer !.

    When one fan of Corinthians finds other fan in the middle of the street or in other place, we say "Vai Corinthians !" that means "Go Corinthians !".
    We are know as "Um bando de loucos" that means "A band of crazy".

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