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1. how to tell the difference when someone says "El es un hombre' and "Eres un hombre", do they both sound the same ?
2. i am a man ==> (Yo) Soy un hombre; you are a man==> Tu eres un hombre, can Tu here be omitted too?
3.what are the differences between: " Usted es un hombre", and "Tu eres un hombre"?
since usted and tu are both you, can i use "Tu +es"

thank you all and have a nice day

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    1.- I think the problem, for an asiatic speaker, is the sound of "r" and "l".
    Él es un hombre. Tercera persona de singular. He is a man
    (Tú) eres un hombre. Segunda persona de singular. You are a man.

    2.- Yes, "you" can be omitted (usually is omitted)

    3.- Usted = respeto (a boss, and unknown one...)
    Tú = confianza (a friend, a brother...)
    "Tú" and " usted" = you, but you can use tú + es
    Tú + verb in the second person......tú eres (you are)
    Usted + verb in third person ..........usted es (you are, too)

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