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What does 그랬어(요) mean?

I know it is in past tense formal, but what is the meaning of the verb?

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    그러하다 means "to be so", and according to the context,
    "I/you do so, he/she does so" or "so I/you do, so he/she does".

    그렇다 is shorten form of 그러하다.

    The pase tense of 그러하다 is 그러하였다.
    (그러하다. 그러하-였-다. 그러하였다.)
    그러했다 is the shorten form of 그러하였다.
    그랬다 is shorten form of 그러했다.

    So, 그랬다 is more shorten form of 그러하였다.
    Then, If it is conjugated with "(어)요", we can get "그랬-어요."

    A: 저 소풍갔었어요..
    B:아 그랬어요 means you went on a's a kind of reaction.

    A:저 결혼했어요..
    B: 그랬구나..means you get's a kind of reaction...

    get married=>got married...

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