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Qual é a diferencia entre tomar e levar?


Posso me dar alguns exemplos com duas palavras?

Eu sei por exemplo usando tomar como isso. "Estou tomando banho" ou "Vou tomar sol". Mas eu não sei como usar "levar"

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    I don't know if that'd help you! But " levar " has the idea of " taking " something or someone from a place to another!

    Ben, poderia levar as crianças à escola? (Ben, could you take the kids to school?)
    Ben, poderia levar um copo de agua para a criança em seu quarto? (Ben, could you take a glass of water to the kid in his bedroom?) --- Imagine that we're in a room and the kid is another, so you'll " take " him a glass of water (LEVAR)

    Tomar can also have these meanings you mentioned:

    Vou tomar banho, tomar sol, tomar uma bebida (to drink)

    But also tomar means to " take something from someone/something". Pay attention:

    Tome minha mão = Take my hand
    Trouxe seu copo d'agua, aqui está, tome-o! (I brought you a glass of water, here you are, take it) -- (TOMAR aqui is not to drink but the action of taking the glass of water from my hand)

    When you buy something:

    Quanto custa o CD?
    30 reais
    Aqui está o dinheiro, tome-o (Here you are the money, take it)

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