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2。几月 或者几年可以跟中国人聊天?


For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
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    学 汉语 不是 关于 学 字,是 关于 学 词。

    公共汽车 算 是 四 个 字, 可 只 是 一 个 词。

    那 你 读 书 时,读 字 还是 读 词?

    书是有不同难易程度的你可以先阅读一些简单的书籍 一步一步来嘛 你是在阅读中进步而不是一定要中文很好了再去阅读你在阅读中收获的知识一定会比你在语文课本上学到的多两全其美啊 至于聊天的话我还是建议先积累一定的语言交流能力 毕竟对方不是你的专职中文老师没有必要为了帮你提高中文而跟你聊天更多的是一种交流 当然啦如果你运气比较好的话说不定可以在这里找到一个语言伙伴哦 跟 native speaker帮助真的是很大的哦 :-)


    对你的问题的回答, 我觉得要看你的目标是什么。 你是只要可以平常对话还是为了专修写作?

    这个问题我在研究中。 我看多最经常回答是 2000-3000。 我刚刚在个网站上做了个测试, 那个测试估计我知道 3450 个汉子。 可是我个人觉得我根本没有知道那么多的字。 我还在列出我所知道的单词, 所以过几天应该会有个答案的。

    2。几月 或者几年可以跟中国人聊天?
    这个要看你会付出多少。 我在 YouTube 上面看到一个香港人在 3 个月里面达到可以和德国人交流的等级。

    看你在问这个问题, 我不是很确定你看的懂这些回复吗? 你的母语写的是英文, 所以我在下面做个英文的回复。

    To answer your questions, it really depends on your goals. Are you aiming for a conversational level or a more professional writing?

    Question 1:
    I am researching this question myself. The most frequent answer that I have found is 2000-3000 (also known as the "most frequently or commonly used Chinese characters"). I did a small test on a website that is supposed to estimate how many Chinese characters you know. My result was 3450 Chinese characters. However, I feel like I don't really know that many words. I am still working on listing out all the Chinese characters that I know, so hopefully I will have a rough estimate in a few days.

    Question 2:
    It depends on how much effort you are willing to put into. I saw someone on YouTube who manages to do a 20 minute conversation in German after learning it for 3 months. He is from Hong Kong I believe. He has a diary of the 90 day challenge where he records his progress every day (I think, I have to double check that since I haven't watched all the videos yet).

    Because of the questions that you asked, I am not sure if you understand my Chinese reply. Since you have English as your native language, I decided to write a reply in English as well just in case you have any trouble understanding the Chinese reply :)

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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