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Russian - "here"


Is there any difference between "тут" and "здесь" ?

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    They are almost synonyms. It means you can use either of them and phrase would be understandable. But there are a few cases when you cant place one of them by another one. For instace: «и тут входит он» = suddenly he is coming. For sure you can say «и здесь входит он» you'd be understood but it sounds a bit wierd. Another one: «здесь и сейчас» = rigth here and right now. If you say «тут и сейчас» it'd sound non-Russian. To be honest it's a bit difficult to get an example when substitution of them absolutely prohidited. Except that: тут как тут and so on.

    No difference, these words are synonyms.

    No difference :)

    'Здесь' is neutral, 'тут' may have a wider connotation of not only place, but also a moment or a situation.

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