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How to conjugate verb "gustar" in the preterite, please?

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    First of all, you must know that the verb gustar is a special verb, because the subject is the thing that you like and not the person that likes something:
    I like sugar: el azúcar me gusta/me gusta el azúcar.
    I like cars: los coches me gustan/me gustan los coches
    So gustA/gustAN is the third person singular and plural, respectively.
    That means that for the verb gustar, the most important conjugations are the third person singular and plural, representing the thing-s that someone likes.

    In the past, the third person singular is "gustó", and plural "gustaron". To know WHO likes something, we use the indirect object (me, te, le, nos, os, les). So, we say, in the past: me/te/le/nos/os/les gustó/gustaron.

    So, even if you can conjugate the verb gustar in all persons (yo gusté (a alquien), tú gustaste, el gustó, nosotros gustamos, vosotros gustásteis, ellos gustaron), there no sense in concentrating to study it, because these forms are not commonly used, in the same way that you don't say: I am liked yif you want to say "Someone likes me".
    Hope it helps.:)

    Pretérito imperfecto (action is yet in progress)

    yo gustaba
    tú gustabas
    él; ella; usted gustaba
    nosotros; nosotras gustábamos
    vosotros; vosotras gustabais
    ellos; ellas; ustedes gustaban

    Pretérito indefinido (action is finished)

    yo gusté
    tú gustaste
    él; ella; usted gustó
    nosotros; nosotras gustamos
    vosotros; vosotras gustasteis
    ellos; ellas; ustedes gustaron

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