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difference between "Ja mata" and "mata ne"

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    Ja(jaa) means like "then". "Mata" means see you. So it could be "see you then" or "then, see you!"
    "Ne" is used to make a sentence sounds softer.
    eg: きょう は てんき が いいです。
    きょう は てんき が いいですね。

    You can say only "mata!" as well but adding "ne" sounds like more friendly.

    They mean the same. We use them colloquially.

    We also say:
    Jaa mata, Ja matane, Jaa matane, Jaane, Dewa mata...etc.
    They mean the same like "see you" or "bye".
    ("Dewa" sounds more formal than "ja" or "jaa".)

    I hope this helped you.

    jaa matane = then see you or then bye
    matane= see you next time, ok ? /see you ok?..

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