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In "seulement elle," is the "t" pronounced?

The text reads: Car nous savons que, jusqu’à maintenant, la création entière gémit et souffre des douleurs de l’enfantement. Et non seulement elle ; mais nous aussi, qui avons les prémices de l’Esprit, nous gémissons en nous-mêmes, en attendant ardemment la filialité, la rédemption de notre corps. (Rm 8.22-23)

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    Good evening!
    Frankly, in this context "Non seulement elle.." I do not sound the t. It would seem odd to do it, whereas with "nous aussi" you may either sound the zzzz or not. Both ways are quite acceptable for a French ear.
    Maybe it depends on which consonant is concerned.
    Take "Vous pensez que c'est vraiment elle ?" Same 't' and no liaison.


    Yes you make the liason between the last "t" of seulement and the "elle" , because the second word begins with a vowel. The "t" will be stacato like in "tank/tin in english".


    You can pronounce the "t" at the end of the verbs, but in "seulement", you don't have to pronounce it.


    Interesting question. Maybe the sentence sounds clearer without the "t" sound. (To achieve that, you have to make a very short pause between the words.) This pronunciation highlights the importance of the pronoun "elle" in the sentence which is what you want to do in that context.
    At the end of a word, you often find one of those "ghost letters" that normally are supposed to be silent, but suddenly become audible when placed before a vowel. For example, in the next sentence, you have "Mais nous aussi" that can also be pronounced "Mais nous_zzzaussi". There are not strict rules that says what is a good liaison and what is not. It's usually a matter of taste.

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