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Difference btw しめます and ぬぎます

しめます(shimemasu) and ぬぎます(nugimasu) whats the difference ? And in what case should i use one or other ?

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    I close the door.

    I take off clothes.

    As dan said, the most common meaning of the verb しめる is 'to close' (in this case written 閉める) but it also has a different meaning: 'to tie / fasten' (written 締める in this case), like in シートベルトを締める - "to fasten seatbelt". So I guess in some contexts these two verbs could be treated as a pair of antonyms, e.g. ネクタイを締める/ネクタイを脱ぐ - "to tie a necktie" / "to untie a necktie" (I'm not sure if the latter is a 100% proper Japanese but uncle Google says they use it ;-) ).

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