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what's the difference between 知る and 知っている ?

hi all ..Is there any difference in usage between 知る and 知っている ? when do we use each of them ?

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    The difference is in form, for example, to know, knew, is known, want to know, don't know, etc.

    知る is the original, basic form and we usually change it when making a sentence.
    わたしは日本を知っている = I know Japan.
    わたしは日本を知りたいです = I want to know Japan.
    わたしは日本を知りません = I don't know Japan.
    わたしは日本を知りませんでした。=I didn't know Japan.
    あなたは日本を知っていますか? = Do you know Japan?
    日本を知るための機会 = an opportunity to know Japan

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