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Ik wil leren Nederlands.Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands.
elke adviseren?

For learning: Dutch
Base language: Dutch
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    Hallo! Ik wil Nederlands leren. Ik spreek Nederlands niet goed.
    Enkele advizen?

    I assume you're not good enough yet to understand it if I'd say it in Dutch, but these would be a few point of advice:
    1 Spend A LOT of time with the language. Learning a language isn't something you do in a matter of a few weeks, months or sometimes even years. So you need to realise that it's a slow process and that it needs a lot of work. For this reason, it is recomendable to spend a fixed amount of time on the language every week. 1 hour per day, for example.
    2 Vocabulary is more important than grammar.
    3 Do things you like. Don't spend hours trying memorise vocabulary lists if it is your most hated thing to do. Instead, just have fun! Learning a language you want to learn shouldn't be a chore.
    4 Be PATIENT. With hard work, anything can be achieved.
    5 Realise that its you, and you ONLY, who can learn yourself a language. Teachers can't force a language onto you. Indeed, a teacher *can* help, but it's you who has to do the work and not the teacher.
    6 Making mistakes is having succes. I am saying this because it is important not to be AFRAID to speak the language and to make mistakes. Practice makes perfect and you can only learn from your mistakes.
    7 Read, listen & watch. Read books, read magazines, read news articles, read... anything! In the early stages you could buy a Dutch books for children and see if you can understand it. They are simple, but they are straightforward and they can help you. Also, watch Dutch television or any other Dutch videos (Hint: Youtube), listen to the news, radio or music.
    Final words: this is my take on some points I think you should keep in mind. It is merely my opinion, so I may be wrong. And, of course it's not a complete guide on "how to learn languages with succes''. But I hope this has helped you.

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