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How to start learning Korean?


How to start learning Korean? From my limited experience, it seems that Korean's writing system is the pronunciation system right? So to start learning Korean, do I start from the alphabet and then build words from there?

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    Woah, Lin Bao Bei? Is it really you? Hellooooo! What a surprise, I'm the subscriber of your youtube Chinese Mandarine Lessons ^____^

    Well, first of all, I'm really happy to see you starting learning Korean. The first thing you have to do is to learn hangul pretty well and the rules of reading. It may be pretty difficult at first, but as far as you practise, you will realize that everything is really easier actually! So, I'm sure you won't face any problems with it.

    And as everyone above said, after mastering hangul, check the "Talk To Me In Korean" site.
    Without any doubts, it's the best language-learning site in the web! All the lessons are funny, you will laugh as crazy! But that's the whole point - being in the very good mood is a perfect way to stay motivated in language learning. What's more, by using this site, you will learn how is Korean being ACTUALLY SPOKEN, because all of the teachers are Koreans living in Seoul, but their English is freaking perfect!

    So, good luck with your Korean! One of the most beautiful languages in the world, I'm sure you'll enjoy learning it ^ㅅ^


    You can start learning some survival phrases from the korean 101 web site. I think the first 10 lessons or so are free. To learn to read and write korean I recommend "Declan's ReadWrite Korean Software". I think is very good but it's not free (around $16). Otherwise there are tons of videos on You Tube teaching the korean alphabet (check Busy Atom). Anyway learning to write and read korean is really useful. If you want to learn grammar and vocabulary check the Talk To Me In Korean website. They have free PDF and audio files. Good luck in journey.

    Yes. You're right. You should start by being able to read the characters. (I started by learning the characters) By reading, Eventually you'll learn how they put the characters together to make a syllable. It'll be really hard to learn korean if you don't know how to read. If you already know how to read, go to Talk To Me In Korean. (I recommend that site!)

    start here at level 1:

    Knowing Hangul first will greatly improve your pronunciation and you will be able to read anything even if you don't know what it means yet!!! :D Common every day phrases and introduction words are good to learn, and nouns and verbs will give you good context clues even if you don't know grammar yet.

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