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Please help me able to understand the meaning! "Could use a little salt, though"


A : how do you like the lamb?
B : Potatoes could use a little salt, though.

I don't know exactly what B said.
It means potatoes' dish is a little salty or it need a little salt because it is a little bland?

Please help me!

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    In this case, "could use" means "need" or "require". B.) is saying that the potatoes need/require (would be better if they had) a little salt.

    If you want to say the potatoes are a little salty, you would use "have" or "are".

    Just a note: B.) should really reply with a "yes" or "no" to the question about the lamb before complaining about the potatoes.

    A : how do you like the lamb?
    B : It's good, but the potatoes could use a little salt.
    B : It's good. The potatoes could us a little salt though.

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