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Please help me clear up how to say these food names in Chinese


In my studies today there was the word 粉条 and they translated as bean sprouts, but in other texts I have seen 粉条 translated as noddles and even more specifically as 'vermicelli noodles'. What exactly is 粉条?

Bean sprouts are completely different to noodles, I can not understand how they would have the same name in Chinese. What if I wanted bean sprouts with noodles? I cant say I want 粉条 with 粉条, lol.

How do you say bean sprouts in Chinese and how can I say different types of noodles, for example, rice noodles, vermicelli noodles and egg noodles?

Thank you

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    they are from different materials.normally "粉条” is common in North of China , it is made from "potato" it is transparent color and can not be mushy when it is long- cooked. and in Northeast , there is a very famous dish called "猪肉炖粉条“, you can search "百度” pictures to check .
    there is another one with same color but quite silm called " 粉丝“ which is made from "sweet potato" and it is easy to be mushy when itis cooked. we like to put "粉丝” in to Hotpot.
    Bean sprouts should be "豆芽 douya" in Chinese , and rice noodles is called " 米粉” which is popular in the South of China , vermicelli noodles should be "细面“ which is white color, and egg noodles is called " 鸡蛋面” which is also white color, the last two are both made from wheat.


    粉条=粉丝 usually they are made of potatos or sweet potatos, I think in English it´s called vermicelli noodles. check this:
    and noodles are 面条 in Chinese
    bean sprouts are called 豆芽
    rice noodles 米粉 or 米线
    egg noodles are 鸡蛋面

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